[Solved] Change Stack Navigation Options in Blocks

Anyone to please assist. In Thunkable X How do you set StackNavigationOptions Title from the blocks. I want to change the title of stack navigator screen dynamically.

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Indeed, it seems like the support documentation does not explain the function, can someone explain the difference of the options. What is the difference between

  • Title
  • HeaderTitle
  • HeaderBackTitle
  • HeaderTruncatedBackTitle

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Hi @Dr_Walter , I can change title, headerTitel etc. with the function ā€œget StackNavigationOptionsā€ like this:

It is important to initially set the Stack Navigation Options in the Designer for the screen (you can even type in a blank), and that the screen is of course inside a Stack. There are different options, ā€œheaderTitleā€ is only one.


Thank you so much!!

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