Can someone explain the Navigation options more

There really isn’t any information on the navigation options blocks within the screen drawer. What are they and how do I use them or change them? Are they to set which screens can be visible to certain users? Please include these types of blocks in the documentation in the future. Thank you.

Check it out : :slight_smile:

My apologies. I thought I’d mentioned, or at least hoped to imply with my request for these types of blocks to be included, I have already looked at the documents. In fact, that was the first place I looked, the second was YouTube. The Navigation Options blocks within the screen drawers and not explained anywhere that I have found them, hence me writing this request. I appreciate your willingness to help however.

I understand correctly that you are interested in the documentation on the options Navigation, which are located on the tabs Simple and Advamced?

I am not finding that documentation. Do you have a link by chance?

Try to watch it.

This is the block I cant find documentation on.

The purple do something block in available from the functions drawer,

while the green from Screen1 set Tab Navigation Options to block is is to be found in the Screen1 drawer!

Hope that helps.

LOL I thought I was rather clear what it was I was looking for. I guess not. I want to know HOW TO USE the screen1 tab navigation options block, not where to find it (since I clearly found them to post the picture). What is it for? What blocks go with it? There is NO documentation on it. Not trying to sound ungrateful or rude but it seems no one bothers to read what I am asking for nor asking for further clarification before posting a reply.

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That’s so few of the English. I couldn’t understand that language. :persevere:

You can install add-ons with automatic translation into Google browser and read pages in any language. I gave a link to the Russian-language site because so far I have not found anything better.

I looked at it in English but still did not see that block explained. I’m not dense, it either isn’t there or its hidden and i’m not seeing it.

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You are right, there is no information about this block.

It is interesting that the blocks of navigators exist in the application to which they were not added! I would like to hear an explanation of the developers about this.

LOL even one of the staff didnt seem to understand that point.

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Reactivating this post…can anyone give an example of how the block is used? For example, can it be used to hide the tab navigator? Change the label, active or inactive tint color?

maybe in a future it will ! but by now we have to do what we can in the Design section wich I think is more than enought by now :crazy_face:

I’ve done some reverse engineering to try to figure it out.

I created some blocks that print turn the “Tab Navigation Options” object into JSON, and then output it to the screen as label text:

“Tab Navigation Options” is an object that can have (at least) these fields:

  • tabBarLabel: This is the TabBarLabel property in the TabNavigationOptions section of a Screen component in the UI
  • title: This is the Title property in the TabNavigationOptions section of a Screen component in the UI
  • tabBarVisible: This is the only property that exists if you haven’t set the others in the UI. I believe it is always true for Top Tab Navigators, but for bottom Tab Navigators, the docs seem to show that you can change it using the TabBarVisible toggle.


I haven’t figured out how to set the “Tab Navigation Options” of a page yet. I’ve tried passing in both modified JSON and a modified Object, but neither seem to have any effect.


I tried some things with lists and objects also and I got nowhere. :thinking:

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I too would like to know how to use this. Specifically it would be nice if I can detect if the tab navigator button is pressed as the way to get to a specific page.

I am also seaching for the way to use the Tab navigator option BLOCKS??? With no luck