Spellements - Spell Words with Elements

Hi everyone! I successfully Thunk’d two versions of an app I call Spellements. The interface is fairly simple. You type a word or words into a text box, push a button, and it converts the letters into periodic table symbols. Just a fun science app, but it can also help introduce kids to the elements. After it spells it, you can share it on social media. I thought of it for my kids a couple years ago and made an Excel version. Then I found Thunkable a couple months ago.

I used the TaifunSharing and TaifunScreenshot extensions. One problem I ran into that I’m still looking for a solution is a good way to do a gallery refresh after saving a screenshot. In my next version I’m planning on adding my own gallery viewer screen in the app to bypass the problem, but still it would be nice to refresh the main device gallery after saving.

I used Classic Thunkable. I would love to rebuild it in Cross-Platform, but it doesn’t yet have all the features I need. Can’t wait to build more apps here!

I’ll attach the aia file. The apk says too large to upload here. Also, here’s a link to the free version on Google Play:

Spellements.aia (1.5 MB)


Nice app, l like it, thanks for sharing

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Thanks! And if you happen to download one of the versions from Google Play, I’d love it if you could leave a review.

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I do