[Sovled] Graphs? Charts? Is there a good way to make them with thunkable?

I know a lot of other Thunkers out there are likeminded to me. We like to not only take data and analyze data and stare at numbers, but we also want to see a chart. A graph. A visual representation of the data so that we may quickly make visual inferences and judge those data that we are viewing without having to crunch numbers or do too much thinking. We want to see trends visually without having to use our minds to infer that trend.

I currently use quickchart.io to complete all of my charting needs but it’s not really enough. The features are limited and they only serve static images, which means no interactivity like being able to click on a data point and see it’s values (think google charts or d3 or chart.js). Quickchart, though free and awesome, still lacks in that they do not provide trend line capabilities and the options for customizing the chart style are limited also.

I wonder, what do all of you other thunkers out there use? Please follow up with a link and example if possible so that we all know what the other is speaking about! If not, that’s fine too. :slight_smile:

@domhnallohanlon @Kartik14

I think if it were as easy to do charting as it is to set up data collection, the social science community would be more likely to be creating field-specific apps!

I know in school for Data Science with Python we use Plotly. You can find their awesome documentation page here.

Plotly exports all graphs into a HTML file, and the graph is fully interactive. For something like this you might have to work with a backend and Plotly.

I have created my own algorithm to figure create a trend line using quickchart.io

here are the blocks to figure out a starting and stopping point on a trendline provided all of the Y values in a list to this function.