[Sovled] go back button

Hello family.
who can help me solve the problem of `` go back and go forward ‘’ code blocks?
Thunkable cross is a great initiative, but I get discouraged every time I run into this problem.
I would like to buy the Pro but I hesitate.
on thunkable classic it’s happiness but no IOS finish.
excuse me for my bad English.

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Hi @KOUAME, welcome to the Community.

The navigate to screen block allows us to move between screens:

You can find this block located in the Control area:

Let us know how you get on with this, the community is more than happy to help :slight_smile:

Thank you @ eoinparkinson How do I prevent the application from going out when the user clicks on the back button integrated into his mobile phone?images

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You can’t block access to those buttons at this time.

Why do you want to block those functions?

not to block them all, but only return, because I don’t want to leave the screen when the user clicks back, but that he receives a message asking him if he wants to leave voluntarily.
I do it easily with Thunkable classic.
if there is a method to solve this, i would love to have it. thank you.

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There is an option called on Back Button Pressed.


I may be wrong here but if you set this with nothing inside of the action block, it should in theory do nothing :slight_smile:

I vaguely remember using this method, but it did work :thinking:



thanks bro i will try

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Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

This makes sense. Then I think eoins suggestion may help you there. But on iPhone, there is no back button.

No it won’t work on iOS, even though there is a built in back button function on iOS. (swipe from left of screen to right)

If you really didn’t want a user going back to a previous screen, add a loading screen that kicks them back to the screen when they try go back.

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Do not forget that it is the action ‘’ return ‘’ to which I want to give properties of which I seek to find the blocks.

My project is to integrate a website into the application. I believe that here is the best platform.


I read in one of your above replies you want to ask the user if they are sure they want to “go back”.

You could achieve this with an Alert.



it works thank you


Fantastic. Be sure to share your app in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

Happy Thunking :slight_smile:

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Good morning
How to display an alert when there is no internet connection?
please help me…

I know this may sound tedious but can you create a new topic and I will help you answer it there. The reason I ask you to do this is so that when someone searches the same question you have they will find the answer.

I will see the post in feed so no need to @ :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to avoid this functionality of the iOS back button?

Use a stack navigator, set the transition to modal and on each screen have gestures set to disabled. This disabled/enabled switch is buggy so switch it twice to get it to work.

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Hello !
Help me please create a screen swipe from left to right?