Sort data from Realtime Database

Hi everyone
I need help to sort data in my app after I called it from Realtime Database

For my app screenshot its show how I show the data in my app
I need to sort this data by time

For example if I have to trip one in 7:30 clock and the second 12:30 clock the first row in data lest viewer have to be the trip with the early time

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Hello again.

See this demo

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Hi @muneer thunk you for your replay

I had searched in the Community and I found your project

But I Didn’t understand how to make this with the Realtime Database

You make it with the list viewer and it’s hard to now how to make it withe Realtime Database

Do you have any simplest example for the real time database

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Unfortunately, I don’t. But if you can send me the data from your database (or sample data) as JSON file then I will modify the project to make it fits the data from the database.

This is special service for you.

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Thank you @muneer for this help

You are the best :blush:

I will send it for you in the Direct message

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I sent you a project link with your data sorted.

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