Song playing not stopping

Hello. In my app I have a variable called “insanity” which goes up by 10 when the variable “time” is lower than 6. When the first screen opens, I have it set to play a song called “Undertale - Home”, but whenever this song plays it sounds weird, and I think its because it might be playing twice? (I don’t know why, it didn’t set it to do that). However when “insanity” reaches 10, I have it so it makes the “Undertale - Home” song stop playing and another song called “Here we are” start. But the “Home” song doesn’t stop when this happens, instead the volume for it gets a little quiet and it starts sounding perfectly fine too (like I said, normally it sounds weird). This also makes me think that what’s happening is that this song is playing twice, and when it stops, only one of them do and a track still plays in the background. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Can I get around this or should I drop the idea of using background music all togheter?

A video demonstration if nescessary

I think the rest of the code in this screen is irrelevant but here it is if it helps with anything

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