Something went wrong when we tried to build your project

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Thank you for your comments.

So, on the starter plan, you will not be able to customize the splash screen. Only at PRO and above can you begin to modify what’s seen in the splash screen.

Only 3. :slight_smile: I’m looking at your project now :slight_smile:

nothing seems off about the project itself. I’m working on a build for both iOS and Android at the moment and will let you know what happens.

Just to be clear, is the app building for you now?

I’ve downloaded to my iOS device and all seems fine. Same for Android.

Not sure why you were experiencing issues earlier, sorry about that, but all seems good for now.

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I just want to know one thing:
I want to become PRO, did I lose my money? Can I pay the difference?
If YES send me the payment link immediately, for you it’s only 3 hours, for me it’s 10

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That’s a great question that I’ve honestly never handled. Let me look into this. I just messaged someone else on the team. Please standby You should pay less than the full amount of PRO. The amount will be prorated based on what you paid for your current plan and the number of days you’re into the month that you paid for.

If you want a direct answer to the question, you can email and they will be able to give you an accurate answer also. Sorry for the delay for info here.

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I paid today for starter but i didn’t know about the splash screen issue.
I haven’t read it anywhere, you should be clearer


I just requested we put that on the pricing page. Thanks for that feedback @mephjl!

Happy thunking! be sure to reach out if you need more support!

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