Some Limitation or Bugs in Thunkable Pro (Thunkable App Development Help) Take a look those blocks i have include in this post

Hello Everybody
I am developing app in Thunkable in last 3 Years. I was quite happy with thunkable classic. But Last play store updates push me switch Thunkable X.
Of course Thunkable X has lot of amazing feature but it still have limitation or bugs. My Recent some app facing some problem when user back

> button pressed

. It’s always minimize my app. But Thunkable classic i can block/program back button press.

Besides In Thunkable classic i can design a professional sidebar/Menu bar with beautiful icons.
But In Thunkable X i am not able create same professional

Menu Bar.

Please share your knowledge with us how to add app rating option in my app at Thunkable X.

this is Thunkable Classic block.
But i am not able to create it at Thunkable X.

I will Appreciate if anyone can make a complete tutorial about how to make an app with these feature
1.Professional Menu Bar with Logo and Icon
2. Back Button Pressed notifier
3. App Rating Notifier
4. Push Notification
5. App Sharing option
6. Sign up option and login module
7. Add Admob for Android and Apple

Thanks in Advance

Hey Guys i just found back button pressed alert/Exit Alert.

I think unfortunately with the thunkable X platform, the developers have not given us the ability to transmit files very easily unless those files are going directly to Cloudinary. That is the only media server that we can currently send any files to as far as I am aware.

That said, you could include a webviewer and file picker inside of an HTML file and then using a JavaScript solution inside of a web view were inside of the thunkable app you could pick a file to then send to a different media server.

The short answer is there is no built-in block to send files to anywhere other than cloudinary. You can use the web you are in the JavaScript solution to send files to other media servers.

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Thanks for your information