[Solved] Where is the Camera component?


I’m a teacher who will be working with Thunkable in the fall. I’m following directions and am unable to add a Camera in.

I have tried searching for it. It appears to not exist. If someone sends me a link to an existing project, then it works and I get a completely different user interface. I assume there have been changes - Is this something removed exclusively to Thunkable Pro or the like?


You are using the DnD (Drag and Drop) UI which is different that the previous UI. Most of the components are moved to the blocks screen. You will find it there because all invisible components are now in the blocks screen not in the design screen any more.


From another teacher, welcome! I work with 7th and 8th graders in an elective to design apps in Thunkable.


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Which directions are you following at the moment?

Adding to this - you can find the Camera docs and a great video tutorial here:

We also have a group for educators here that you might be interested in joining:


Thanks, everyone. So here’s what I’m following:

And here is what I’m finding under ‘Advanced’ and ‘Any Component’ and adding the 'Call (blank)‘s (blank)’

And here is what I’m finding under the Camera component:

None of these appear to have what are listed under the instructions for ‘Camera’ and ‘Block’.

Wait - I think I have it, but I’d like to confirm. I don’t have access to Thunkable on my phone at the moment, but is this what I’d use:


Does this force the camera to take a new picture and set the image to that, or does it fetch the latest picture already taken by the camera?


Yes, the last one will activate the camera and allow you to take a shot.

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Okay - I apologize if this seems obvious. I just want to make sure I’m clear on this.

It doesn’t actually take the picture. It just opens the Camera and shows the Camera app? Compared to the previous:


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It opens the camera and waits for you to take a shot which is the expected behavior.

I’m not sure what you are trying to confirm but this is how the block should act anyway.