Photo gallery block missing (or I'm not able to find it)

Hello everyone, I need help finding the block/element for the photo gallery option. I’ve searched on YouTube but the tutorials were from years ago. I’ve also read some posts here but I just finally decided to ask you guys myself.

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

You need to use photo library and camera components.
I left an example from my own project for you.

Good day :slight_smile:

This is all I can see in my components and nothing comes up when I use the search bar. In Blocks, this are the options I see.

You’re using the new drag-and-drop interface. In the Camera drawer (as in your screenshot), you have the “photo from camera” block that will allow the user to take a photo and the “image from photo library” button that will allow the user to select a photo from a photo album on their device. That’s it. It’s also important to know that the second button does not currently work.

If you create a project and uncheck “use the new drag-and-drop interface,” you can then use the similar buttons from the legacy interface described here:

There is no “photo gallery” block in either interface. To create a photo gallery, you’d have to use a data viewer grid (Data Viewer Grid - ✕ Docs) or another method of manually creating a grid of images.

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:open_mouth: I did create this project with that new option checked. Thank you so much. I was wondering why the interface didn’t look like those in the YouTube videos. For the photo gallery issue, I’ll ask users for a link to their photo instead.

Again, thanks!

I guess I thought you were looking for this.

Can’t you store user photos in Cloudinary and get links from Airtable?

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That was useful @emregoker

I’ve heard of Cloudinary only now. I didn’t get your question. Can you please explain to me? The app is a simple compilation of autobiographies and anyone can add, so I am not able to have a database with photos to choose from.

“Cloudinary” is a database site where you can store media files. You can use this in Thunkable, I don’t know where in new design. (Media DB)
The codes I sent above belong to the old version.

In my application, I have the students send us a question photo with these codes.
I keep the links of these photos in Airtable so that the teachers can see them.

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