[SOLVED] Vertical Scroll - Rows disappear off the top of the screen

Hi Thunkers,

I have a page where I would like the user to scroll vertically to view images. It was working perfectly up to a point and then the rows started to disappear off the top of the screen in Edit mode.

Live test on the app works perfectly but I am unable to see the components during edit.

I am sure I have done something wrong as I am very new to the platform. I have tried screen scroll true, I have tried using a column instead and placing all rows inside the column and setting the column to scroll true.


I appreciate your help in advance.

So far I have -

Screen - Scroll false. Align Top
Parent Column - Fit contents. Scroll True
Rows - Height - Fit contents

The top row is still pushed off the screen.


Parent column - Vertical Alignment = Top

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Glad to see you got this working @lucgrant8t4p5d - there’s a vertical scrolling tutorial in the community, were you following this or did you go with your own approach?