[Solved] Use data viewer grid to navigate to new screen

Please help me on data grid viewer, how to do this…

i want that when i will click a certain item on my grid, it will navigate to a specific screen that i want,
and when when i will click another item, it will navigate to another screen that i want,

meaning, different screen on every item, thank you

EX. If i will click any item of my grid, it will navigate to to a certain screen corresponding to its name (BFP item to BFP Screen) REDCROSS Item to Red cross SCreen)

this are my screens

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Save the screen name in the table along with the data of the grid.

When you select an item from the grid, use the row id of the grid to retrieve the screen name from the table and navigate to it.



hello sir, thank you for your effort, i still cant do it on your sample. Maybe if the item grid has index i can use if item is = to

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Please show your code. My solution is working and I use it.

sir, can you show me another way? please see my edited topic to understand better my concern

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this is my data grid… if ever i will lick an item, it will navigate to a corresponding screen, same to its name

this are my screens sir.

Please read again what I have written. It is already working and if it is not working for you then there is a problem in your code or your table data.

can i see your table here sir, how did you put the screen name?

wow, its working now sir, thank you so much