[Solved] Unable to store the date and time format into Airtable-"Cannot parse datevalue"

Dear All,

I am trying to store the date and time into Airtable, where I have set the date format in the Airtable as per the below screen shot

Sharing the screenshot of the blocks:

I get the below error when I try to store details:

Could you kindly assist?

Sasi Preetha

I suspect the problem is that you’re missing the “T” between the date and time values. But I’m not that familiar with ISO format so I could be wrong.

Can you post an example of a valid date/time entry in Airtable? Not one generated from Thunkable, just one that you manually entered.

Edit: Here’s an example of a value that works for me:



So you’ll need to add “T” to your join block. And remove the “IST” string. The time zone is already formatted in Airtable and your blocks will fail if you include it.


Try changing the column type to ‘Single line text’ in Airtable. The date is created in Thunkable so Airtable doesnt need to create the date & time.

Super It works after I joined T between date and time.

Thank you so much for y our assistance:)

Sharing the time format in the Airtable


I want it in Date and time format so Zapier works for me to send reminder. Thank you for your suggestion. Much appreciated.

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