AirTable Date/Time field with offset

I’m querying a Date/time field from a table in Airtable using WebAPI but the result I get is not the same as in the table.
In the table I have a “1/9/2020 18:43” value and in the result JSON I get a “2020-09-01T16:43:00.000Z”
The format is not a problem, is the 2 hours offset i can’t figure out what is due to.
I can’t find any setting in airtable about it.
Does anybody knows how to solve?
Thank you!

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The time reported by Airtable is UTC or GMT. I would guess you are trying the API from a place that has a time difference of 2 hours to GMT.

So the solution is to use a TEXT field or to add a GMT compensation?
Maybe better the first way having the double time, legal and solar during the year here in Italy :frowning:
I hope there was an option to select the time reference…

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