[Solved] Unable to point marker map component

location not coming in map when screen starts…requesting for support


Can you share a minimal example of this? A project url or remix link would work.

hey jared- i figured it out

thank you…will be back with next qstn

Care to share what the issue was? It might help out other Thunkers in the future :slight_smile:

Sure thing- i used the map component it wasn’t loading my location. I used different blocks.


But i have got another issue now- how can i calculate the length of the polyline in the map

To calculate distance on maps you will need to use an external API like Google’s distance matrix API, which is not very difficult to implement.


Paulo Vaz


Or turn this into blocks! :slight_smile:

@paulovaz72 thank you for prompt support.

@jared lets have some math then :smiley:

Well… depending on the app requirements use this calculation is enough.

In my case, I need to calculate the distance and time of a route between two points in the map, that usually is not a continuous and straight foward line :slight_smile:

But it’s a fantastic approach.

Anyway, hope to see improvements in the maps blocks to calculate distance, time & routes…


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