[Solved] Troubling send sms API

hi. im trying to send sms via Web API in Thunkable
but it doesn’t work. see this,

here’s API doc by sms api company

and what i did is this

maybe many of you can’t understand fully becuz some word said as Korean.
is it maybe because of this “–data-urlencode”?
do you think i have to put something in header?
like content-type as application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json or something
(i did, but it were same)

if you know the answer plz help.

You should use QueryParameter and Create Object block to pass the parameter

Example SS

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Or if you still need to use JSON, convert it to object.

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thanks! @label1.visible-true @cttricks ! i think i succeed when i change ‘body’ to ‘query parameter’, and convert if using ‘get object from JSON’ block.

but what’s the difference? b/w query parameter & body

Usually the content body is used for the data that is to be uploaded/downloaded to/from the server were as the query parameters are used to specify the exact data requested.

For example when you upload a file you specify the name, mime type, etc. in the body but when you fetch list of files you can use the query parameters to filter the list by some property of the files.

In general, the query parameters are property of the query not the data.

In your case the api you are using need all those query as parameter instead of data…
Hope i’m clear :slightly_smiling_face:


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