[Solved] Text to speech - no spaces

Hi. I am fairly new Thunker so this may be a simple fix. I am trying to make an app to speak for a nonverbal student. The student would type what he wants to say and the app would speak for him. I got it to work, but the input text box does not recognize space between words. Therefore, you have to input one word at a time or it all jumbles together.
Can anyone help me with this? Here is a copy of my (very plain) app so far.

Thanks in advance. This kid is struggling so I hope this will work.

To add clarification- on a phone it will allow space between words but not on computer keyboard and the student does not have a phone.

Hi there, you mean this is working fine on your phone, but if you use Live Test spaces are not registered when you type? If so, could you please upload a screenshot? Thanks!

Yep, when doing a Live Test, the text input field doesn’t add a space when I press the space bar.

I can verify that this is happening with other projects as well.

I reported it as a bug at https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues/383.

This has been fixed now (reported here).