[Solved] Text input box doesn't take in user input

So I’ve put in a text input box into my app, but whenever I test it out, I can’t seem to take any input from the user. I thought it was just a bug that would resolve itself when I release the app on the Google Play Store, but when I tested it out again, I was still unable to take in user input. I already made sure the text input box was editable, but it still doesn’t work. Please help!

When i was write into the text input seeing any letter in the text input. On live or downloaded old ios app from applestore

So I did some messing around and it turns out there’s this weird bug that makes it to that if the text input box is nested in some rows and/or columns, it just don’t take any user input point blank. So what I did was simply move it out of the nest of row and columns it was it to get it to work.
It was a quick fix, but I believe that goes to show there is a bit of a bug in Thunkable when it comes to the text input box. If any devs happen to see this, I genuinely hope this problem is addressed in your next wave clear of bugs.

Thunkable sped up the processing of the blocks and it’s making it so that some variables aren’t saving as fast as the next blocks are executing. You can put in “Wait” blocks for now or wait till they fix it.