[Solved] Spreadsheet to check if user email is already registered

Need help please,

On Register Screen, I am calling up air table spreadsheet to check if user email is already in email column but somewhere I am coding wrongly and not getting the list checked due to row index number (I think).

Project :- https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5c0221f3b5f0362dad71e3a1/Register_Screen/blocks

Please help me fix this.


I am a super super new user here so please take my thought with a grain of salt. Whenever I am looking processing variables, I want to see what the variable is getting.

Unless someone has a better idea, I would suggest setting up a temp label, and then passing the appIndex value to it, so you can see what it is doing.

Is there a better way to see the activity inn action?

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Good idea, will use a temp label to find what is going on in there.

As expected, App index is 0 only. I dont know how to get a number for this. please help.

I got it… Uploading for everyone else to learn and use… Happy Thunking.