[Solved] Split Text in Thunkable X

How to split text and use a particular portion of a text to display on screen?

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This can be done using the Text or List blocks. Please show the text and then how it needs to be divided.

I have a dynamic text which contains a mixture of text string and an URL. I want to split these two so that only URL can be passed through Webviewer. Can you tell me how this can be done in Thunkable X as there is no option for splitting text in X platform.

Try this:

  1. With the ‘In text find’ text block, you find the position of the character or string that is the delimiter.
  2. Copy the part of the line from the beginning to the position of this delimiter character with the “get substring”

If you give an example of a string then I’ll give you the block code to separate it.

You can also use a block from the Lists list “make list from delimiter”, and then get the necessary rows from the list. This method is more functional.

Since this was never answered further actech,

If the string is Amazing Fantasy #11, if we wanted # to be the delimiter, what would the block look like?

I also want to spit text. Here is the test I want to use .Text after the - is what I want to use

2001-31800 Plymouth,Plymouth MI 48150

Thanks for any help

Use block “make list from text with delimiter” in Lists category.

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I have tried but no luck. I have a list with text
And so on I need to strip the 2001- off and send to google maps when selected in list view. I have it working sending whole thing to google maps but sometime get bad results.

One of the methods

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Got it thank you very much

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