Split texts and create list from texts separated by comma


I have a list with one item, index(1) and data(one,two,three) comma separated.

I would like to create a new list from above data to split the text into 3 items and to form 3 different items as index 1:one, 2:two and 3:three

Could someone help me to achieve this?


Hey @myandriod!

I’m sure there are lots of ways to go about this, but here’s my approach.

Set up two Lists (and one function)


Add Items to the list and show them in the list viewer


Separate your sublists with something like this:


Create a reset or back button with this code:


Hi there,

Thunkable has a block to make a list from text/make tent form a list.
It’s in the docs here.

You can see a sample app that makes a list from some text (given some text and a delimiter) here.

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Hi @domhnallohanlon & @jane,

Thanks for your inputs.

Here my intention is not to list the texts in list views

I have Firebase record Students,Names and I want to create a Attendance record of students

I retrieved firebase record as JSON and formatted to single string Andrea,Arnold,Boston

My plan was to store individual names as separate item in a new list or array so I could get names one by one through index to show in UI and update the firebase record based on input(Present/Absent)

I could directly get this from Firebase record and show one by one, but it is consuming more time compare to local downloaded data.

Is there any way I can copy any Firebase Record into Local list or Database or Array in the same structure of Key and Value for different purposes?