Firebase get list

I save the list in this way, I want to know how I should decompose and extract from here"[“5b1a7f6d-5077-41a0-ad7f-eb740686c74a”,“https:\/\/\/nearbycar\/image\/upload\/v1607308919\/tjuzbmhflmgofejn7uui.png”,“40”,“ST 1 ROAD 5”,“FOOD”,“10”,13]"This is what I have done so far, I need to know how to use the spaces for decomposition

Can you share an image of the data as it appears in firebase?

you say this??

Thanks @kentleow1496li9s72.

Can you now send an image of the SAVE block ?

I actually save the data from the old thunkable android so do you now know why I saved the data like this?

Here is what I see. It looks like the previous app saved lists into firebase as text, not as JSON lists. Additionally the URL “/” characters were converted to /. To fix these issues try something like this

This will give yo a Thunkable list to work with. You may run into other errors, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how you can clean up the data.

Happy Thunking!

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This method didn’t help me, but it doesn’t matter, thank you, I have already thought of a solution, and now I have another problem, I am building an application for receiving Order Forms, and now I want to know, what should I have Way, the documents can be displayed at the same time The way to save data for submitting an order is as follows