[Solved] Sound component youtube video

Can I play sound using the youtube URL in the sound component. If not please help me how.

Hey @jeyseny - can you tell us a little more about the app you are trying to build and why you would need to do this?


Kids are working on a competition… they need a play meditation music when they click a button and pause it. it can be any one music. Very simple and straight forward.

Do what I do. Use an online mp3 to youtube convert site and convert / download any YouTube video and just upload to sound component hope it helps :slight_smile:

Check this out!


check out “screen 9” - this should be the first page that loads


Thank you Very much. I clikced to remix but all blocks are stuck togther. I am not able to edit. How do i do it. Can you please help.

I think after the first time that you click remix, there will be another button where you can click that says remix that you will see when you are in the editor for the app that you just remix

If you are only able to see the blocks, but not move the blocks, I would suggest that you refresh your browser and try to remix the app again. If that doesn’t work I would leave another message on this forum because that’s weird and maybe the admin‘s could provide some insight as to what’s going on.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t post a share link and instead was the project preview link. I can’t seem to make share links so I plan to post on github later about that.