[solved] Simplest navigation not working

Why this code not working? :thinking: :thinking:
Please help

Hey, you have to use starts not opens.
Please try this.
I hope it works.


This works?

I want to use opens not starts

Ok. But why you are using open?

Splash screen?

Are you navigating to a screen that is inside of a navigator?

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You have 2 screens in project. First screen is splash screen & Second is Screen_Triangle1.
Am I right?

I have many screens , not only this two

@Power_Thunkers @everyone Please help

There is a known bug in the navigators. The timers do not function in the initial screen.

So, if you remove the wait block, the code will work.

But this code works

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Yes, you are right. You are executing the code before the screen shows up which means you are navigating to another screen before the splash screen shows up.

Practically, open event does not work. :grin: