[Solved] Searching Different Columns on Local DB

These blocks working well on Android, not working IOS (White Screen). Why?
Normally this is different column searching. I have 6 column and four switches (For four different column text).
Optionally searched for data in 4 different columns and adjusted to access content.

Rakam means Numbers: Rakam column have numbers 1 to 250.
Ara means Search.

Live today on iOS there were some big problems. I’m on iOS 12.4.1 does not work in a variety of List Viewer. I click the element on the screen, but nothing happens.

But i downloaded on Ios. I am not working live test Because live test not opening ios 13

About a week ago I installed the app on iOS and saw a nightmare. Pressing the button should open a screen that works 100% and there are no problems, but instead I see a blank white cover almost the entire screen and app frozen. I think it has something to do with your problems. Something’s wrong with running Thunkable X iOS build server.

Same Blocks working well, i have no idea.