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Hi Team!

I am using FireBase to store personal information about my students (to identify them) and within their profiles I store their grades. “Medallas ganadas” (medals earned) is the data I care about to create a leaderboard.

I want to take that data from each profile and create a screen with a table so that all my students can see the 5 students with the most medals won but I have no idea how to start.

I would be very grateful if you could give me some advice or guidance.

What is the full path to “Medallas ganadas”?

???/ReporteEscolar/Medallas ganadas

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Correct! I can figure out how to create the actual scoreboard with the given data but I have no idea how to “scan” or check eeeevery single user on FireBase to get the data I need to create the leader board.
My idea is this: Create a screen LEADERBOARD and, when the screen opens the algorithm checks the most updated data on firebase and shows the scores on the table/column

I’m not sure you understood my question. I would need to see what the rest of your Firebase structure looks like. What replaces the ??? below…?

???/ReporteEscolar/Medallas ganadas

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I implemented a scoreboard in my app. One Tap Calculator - #7 by John_Rouger

I also used Firebase to store user data but I find out that was a lot easier to create a table using airtable and store the name and the score of each user on that table.

So each time you create a new user you need to create a new row also on airtable.

And when a user increases his score you need to update the score on the airtable.

And to identify which user is, you need to store rowid of the airtable into each user personal information on firebase.

Using airtable you will benefit from these:

  • Each table on airtable includes an integrated scoring function. So scoring works automaticly.

  • Works better with data view list. You can select airtable as a Data Source on the data viewer list component and has a block to auto-refresh data.

  • You can create extensions.

  • Free plan on airtable has a limit of 1,200 records per base.

If you don’t want to use airtable, you will need to create manually all of the above, using blocks.

In any case, I hope that I help you.


Woooow! This is an amazing solution! Thank you very much for being so helpful! I will let you know once I have implemented this on my app. Thanks again @John_Rouger


Hi, @tatiang I did not want to ignore you, I was at work earlier and did not have enough time to reply to both of you. The path should be users/current user/ReporteEscolar/MedallasGanadas.
Working with airtable seems like a good solution but I would love to read your opinion or possible solution using the ‘get’ blocks from the FireBase component


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