One Tap Calculator

I’d like to introduce you my app , One Tap Calculator

My brother wasn’t good at maths but playing a game that has to do with make random numbers using only one time each digit in calculator, he got better to calculations and then become the best math student .
So I was decided to make this game we played to an app so many students have the possibility to become better at math
One Tab Calculator, a mobile application which you can find on play store and app store. I believe that games add lots of fun into learning and could help to reduce a students’ math anxiety. My aim is to boost children’s learning and develop their interest in maths.

One Tap Calculator presents a monthly multiplayer mobile gaming contest: when the user finds the correct answer wins a point. At the end of the month, the top three users win the money prizes.

I want to thank you all for your help in the Customer support, I had a couple of problems for publishing the app and you helped a lot. And also thanks to the Thunkable Team for building this awesome platform and helping us building this apps.

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This is huge. Some platforms are built on the Gamification of the learning process. Look at or atozlearning. This is a real thing in my field of study! Keep it up!!!


It’s great to hear the story of why you made this app. Sometimes we see an app and think – oh that looks interesting or that looks impressive but when we can connect it with the WHY and understand who it benefits… that’s even more special.


Can you give a few examples of how the game is played? There are no instructions in the app and I’m a little confused.

Do you enter only single-digit numbers? And you can only use each button (number or operator) once? But you can make as many expressions as you want for a single target number?

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Yes is the answer to all of your questions
Of course I will help you understand how the game works
For example if the target number is 45
You have to tap 5, then x and 9 and the number 45 will be created,
another example goal: 349
you have to tap 7, ^, 3, +, 6
now we can go to a more difficult example 573
you have to tap 3, ^, 4, x, 7, +, 6
If it is still not clear, tell me

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Thank you, I get it now.

It’s a clever way to make a math game. I think of myself as pretty strong mathematically but I have a real hard time with this since it’s mostly coming up with powers/exponents that get you close to the target number. Is it intended to be quite difficult? Or is it just me? :sweat:

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Of course, it’s a math game that requires you to think and to exercise your calculation skills so yes is not easy but thanks for the feedback, I will try to create better the first levels so that will give you a better understanding of how the game works