How to sort Firebase values for a Leaderboard

I want to make Leaderboard for my app. I have done enough search but couldn’t find a solution for my problem.

I want to sort the values of the ‘score’ key in descending order and display the Top 10 in my app. If someone can, then please help. A small hint would be very thankful.

Use изображение block.

Can you please show me some more blocks on how to sort them. Using this block also, I am unable to solve my issue.

My firebase values are in this form : users/userid/UserInfo/…

Get all the usersID and assign them the score like this " Score - UsersID " and them get them all into a list , Sort the list , and retrieve only the UsersID by using the blocks combination "make list from text ( “Score - UsersID” ) with delimiter of ( - ) , get the item n#2 ( UsersID) and then ask for the users info with his ID


You asked for a little hint. Here’s another one. изображение