[Solved] Resetting elements on a screen after leaving it


I have a screen on my app that displays a photo together with its location on a map. It also includes an input field (type your date here) and a label (Searching for photo/Found found).

Ideally, I would like the screen components to be re-set after the user navigates to another screen. How do I best do this?

I included a block “When screen opens”, and then setting the components to empty or their original content. It works for the label, but not for the input field and not for the image which should be empty.

Any hints would be much appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance.

In the when Map Opens block, you reset the Text Input’s Hint but not the Text Input’s Text which would need to be set to an empty string (""). You are also setting MapImage’s Picture to “sunset.png” which is not an empty image. So you’d need to change that as well.

Great, thanks, @tatiang! It works for the label now. For the image, is there a specific block for an image? I tried using “null”, but it didn’t work. Or do I need to look for an empty image on the web as a URL?

I believe you can use " " (a text block containing a space). Either that or an empty string ("").

Yes, that worked! Thanks again!


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