Clear cache during run application

there is way to i could clearing the cache of my device when navigate from one screen to another?

when i go to “b” screen, in the image “banner” it showing first the picture of of the compo image from the previous screen for a little, and when loading the components for the screen b finaly showing the right imge in my image component of screen “b”.

Hey @Application - good to see you again.

Is this just in relation to web testing? Or are you live testing on your device?

Good Evening,
Thank you for the response, yes it happens to me in all three cases you mention.
especially of course I am interested in not being done in apk.

I have made all the ways I could think of !!!
I have uploaded it from the application, with url from the website, with the url from my airtable.

I noticed that I had the same label name on both screens, I finally changed it to the second screen (I have many screens it happens on the other ones). The same problem!!! displays the same image from the screen banner “a” and on the screen “b” and “c”, first and then comes the image on the screen banner that I have in a current screen.
Thank you for your help.