[Solved] Reduce a list removing duplicates and summing

hi guys, i would like to submit a question: i have a list done by timestamps and time:

In picture the list is done by 5 objects and 4 are identical
I would like to reduce the list (in the case should remain only 2 objects) removing the duplicated objects summing the number into the second object

i tried many ways but no fortune at all. Using C it would takes 2 secs to do it but i’m almost new to thunkableX

Thank you very much

Hi there,

Here’s an function which will take a list (firstList) and return a list of only unique entries in that list (cleanList):

You can see this in action in this app project.


hi @jane ,
first …thank you for spending your time for it! We are half way.
If you see my picture, my list is composed by 2values list items: one is a timestamp the other is a number
My problem was the sum of all the numbers that have the same timestamp…


CN you describe more what you would like to see. Janes example removed any duplicates and would leave 1 of each unique entry

I see it now. So if there’s 4 copies of some value, the number on the remaining Entry would be the sum of all 4 entries.
Thanks for the solve but I haven’t fixed anything yet :slight_smile: that’s all @jane so far :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

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I believe it was clear, anyway with a little more effort i found a workaround !!
Thank you all guys!

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