[SOLVED] Problem with In-App Purchase Blocks (with RevenueCat)

My post is related to IAP on iOA

I have read through the available IAP documents and am struggling to understand or use the content on the following page to help me with my issue.

What I am trying to do is:
I’m making a subscription app using the new in-app purchase blocks (RevenueCat). I did everything according to the instructions and even in sandbox mode I received a successful subscription renewal.

I think I have configured packages and offerings correctly in my RevenueCat account

What I have tried so far is:
But after a successful package purchase occurs, the “purchase” block returns nothing. Therefore, I cannot record the user’s purchase and provide him with premium features.

I tried a different set of blocks, they all didn’t work! Examples below:

I’ve actually used many different block sets to no avail!

Hello @Serg
I can understand that it is frustrating. I am happy to help you.
Do you see the same on your RevenueCat account?

Yes, I set up offerings and products like in these screenshots, but it didn’t help.

The purchase is successful in my app. But the “Buy in app purchase package” block does not give me information about a successful purchase.

@Serg did you get solve your issue with in-app purchases and if so, what was the solution?

@finbarr.mccarthytl32 Yes. I managed to solve the problem. I did not complete all steps in the RevenueCat documentation. In particular, I did not add the Apple Server Notification URL to AppstoreConnect.

Because of this, I was unable to make a successful purchase in testing mode. Carefully read the RevenueCat documentation so as not to torment Thunkable staff like I did :sweat_smile:.

Thank you @Serg