Help with In app purchase error

My post is related to IAP on iOS

I have read through the available IAP documents and am struggling to understand or use the content on the following page to help me with my issue.
(In-App Purchase Blocks (with RevenueCat) | Drag and Drop | Thunkable Docs)

What I am trying to do is:
I am trying to include in app purchase in my app without making my users sign up. When they want to purchase, I ask them to input their email address and I save this email address to the cloud so if they log in to another device I can check if they have purchase previously so they don’t have to purchase again.

What I have tried so far is:
This is a screenshot of my block for this.

But after publishing and testing my app in the test flight, I get this error:

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

Hello @wemee019gx7p3
Thank you for sharing all the details
I think the errors are from the “buy in app purchase package” block
Are you sure that the set up on RevenueCat is finished?
Could you please share a screenshot of your offerings?

Thank you ,

I have been able to resolve this.

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