[Solved] Position a column in the top right corner

I’ve tried to do this but haven’t been too successful, even after looking at the thunkable docs for spacing.

Basically i’m just trying to get this gray column in the top right hand corner, i managed to place on the right, but can’ figure out how to move it to the top of screen.


Any advice would be appreciated!

Hey @p.powercoders1i0t ,
Before I can help you,I have a question. Is this on the drag and drop or classic version of thunkable?
If it is on drag and drop just drag it but if it is on the classic version,You might need to put columns and rows to space them out.If you did not understand I could put a app I did so that you could get help.

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Hi @sohan.s i’m on the classic version. I added a column underneath, and it worked, thanks!

Your welcome,You can ask me anytime is you need help!