A glitch that i found [SOLVED]

I was making a music app with lyrics
This app is for me ONLY
I just put a label in the the column so that it will be easier to scroll
But why there is space here i am not understanding

I have put there column but I have kept it visibility false
Please help
This is the link Thunkable

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At your second screen… Row1… Horizontal alignment… its space around… try right alignment and will be next to play button. Or center… both (lirics and play buton will be horizontally centered, next to eachother)… as you like.

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Hey @mimostel i tried your idea I wasn’t telling the problem of row
I was telling the down space

You should set the Vertical alignment of the SCREEN to space between or space around,to see the spacing options that you prefer

No it is not working @versatile

Now my problem it solved thank you for your support :relaxed:@mimostel @versatile

Please post the solution so others can learn from it.

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This is the Link Thunkable
i have deleted one variable and i have put my column below the image


(i) and the coding of FIRST SCREEN


(ii) and this is the coding of SECOND SCREEN

if you want you all can download my app
this is the icon

and put the name A T L A S (if you want )
Thank you

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Thanks for providing the solution. Hopefully if anyone else has the same problem they can use your solution.


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