[Solved] onMarkerPress Feature

I was wondering what exactly does the map feature “onMarkerPress” actually do or can do?

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Hi there,

Here’s Mark explaining the ‘event’ object from the onMarkerPressed block:

Hi and yes I have seen this before but what I do not know is what events are present. For instance, looking at what he did, he knew there is properties like latitude, longitude, coordinate, nativeEvent etc but how do I know what other properties or events are available to us.

And if I get this right, the onMarkerPress feature only gives you the marker coordinates?

Using these blocks:


You’ll see that the properties of nativeEvent of the onMarkerPress event block are

action: is always “marker-press”
position (y,x): x and y co-ordinates of where the marker was on your device’s screen.
id: null.
coordinate (longitude, latitude): latitude and longitude of the marker.