[Solved] Only PRO members can download or publish with AdMob even i deleted the ads

When i try to download my app this message appears.I added 2 ads banners without knowing it is only for PRO.After i saw that i deleted the ads but still can’t download my app.

-log out and log in
-restarted browser

Hey @brandavid1998inmmj,

If you send me on your Project ID I can manually reset the Ad count in your project, which will allow you to download again .


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HI @domhnallohanlon
I have same problem
How can I pass the Project ID to you

Can you PM it to me here @fanfan4204b7r2n ?

@domhnallohanlon my project

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Thanks @fanfan4204b7r2n - that’s a copy link, can you send (or PM) me the original project link (from the address bar)


This one?

Hi @fanfan4204b7r2n,

Sorry for the delayed follow-up, but you should be able to download this app now. Can you try downloading it for me and confirm?


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Hi @jane
I can download it now.



That’s great to hear! Thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face:

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can you help me too??

@raj210 Can you copy the URL of your project from your browser’s URL bar and send me a DM?

This URL should begin with x.thunkable.com/projects/

I will take a look at it for you?

@goutham Thunkable

@goutham And let you know that I am a new thunker so please understand me if I make any mistake.

Hi there,

It looks like you shared a copy link, which begins with x.thunkable.com/copy

Can you copy the URL of your project from your browser’s URL bar and share it with myself or Goutham?

This URL should begin with x.thunkable.com/projects/

Hi. I’m also experiencing the same issue.
Here are my Project IDs