Unable to download or make a copy of the app project

I can’t see the download icon and when I try to make a copy of the app its says “upgrade to pro”, Not sure why this is happening.

Screenshot (1823)

Are you using a PRO component in your project?

By the looks of it, you already have 10 projects in your account and you’re trying to make a copy of one that would push you to 11

We are using web viewer in our project. Is that the problem?

I have removed the previous projects, so now I can see the download icon in my project but when I try to download it says “Only PRO members can download or publish with AdMob”.

You can’t download if you don’t have pro and you use an admob component

You can remove admob and download it

You can use the thunkable live app to view your project on your mobile

I am not using admob component. I just want to download the project

Did you add and then remove the AdMob component @soumyagupta958wao410?

Can you send me your project page link?


It is a simple app made by my 12 year old cousin.

You have added and then removed the AdMob component Remake this app or save all screens and You can download the original app

You might have also used the push notification

I saved all the screens and copied it in new project now its downloading :smiley:
Thanks for your help

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