[Solved] Login screen not working when I download to iPhone 11

I have completed my app on the thinkableX platform. I downloaded the test app but it’s not working. I do not have an android but use Bluestacks on my Mac. The app works fine in livetesting on Bluestacks Does anyone have any ideas here?

I have included a shot of the code here.


Hi, @jared! :wave:

I found some errors in your code -

Error1 -

You are setting title 2 times, instead of title & message.

Error2 -

In the innermost else-if, you are checking stored data collection choice = rate two times.
You have added different block(s) for both of them. Try keeping it single.

Error3 -

You should first check error here; then isEmailVerified.

Error4 -

There’s an empty else command in the innermost if block. Try removing it.

Error5 - (the main)

You have not mentioned what’s not working. Please edit your post, and mention it.

Thanks! :blush:


Sorry, I forgot to include. The part of my app not working is logging in itself. when i run the app live, logging in works. when i download the android or ios app and install them the login does not work

I’ll try these fixes and update shortly

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Okay, Is there any error coming on result label?

Sure. :+1:

Thanks! :blush: