[Solved] Local Data Source for Data List Viewer Results in Empty Top Three Rows

On the new Data List Viewer Component utilizing Local Data Source I’m getting the first three items in the list as blank.

I’m filling the local table using blocks so I’m thinking it’s got three blank default rows in the table and my “Create Rows” are adding after the blank rows. I’m assuming that this is a bug, but wanted to confirm with the community first?


You shouldn’t be getting 3 blank rows. Is the fourth item coming from the first index column from your data source?

Did you try and create a new data source? I noticed in one of my projects I had to hard refresh the browser and delete and re-add the data in my localDB data source.

I’m putting in data with blocks, pulling from airtable. There’s a very specific reason I’m doing it this way, I have to basically generate a user table on demand and doing it in a local source is by far the best way, but it appears that the local source has three blank rows by default. It looks like I can delete them from the original table and then clear out my cache and storage and then it’s gone.

Developers if you’re listening, we really need a way to delete rows and get the row IDs easily for local sources.

Here’s how you do it:

Click on your local data source:

Remove all your rows, there will still be a blank one showing after you remove all you can, but don’t worry, it’s not a real row with an ID until you type something:

Then manage the table with blocks and make sure to store a list of the row IDs as after you create a row there’s currently no way (that I could find) to get it’s ID again.

Here’s an app you can play with to see how the local data sources work:

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