[Solved] Links to amazon

hi all

i have an android app and i made an external link to Amazon books because I thnk google play don’t like linking directly to amazon is it the same way with the APP Store?

can I just have the links to the books in webview? or do I need to make it link external
any help with this, please

Hi there,

Do you mean that your app is a Web Viewer with a link to (an) Amazon e-book(s)?
What books do you want to display in your app?

yes i have a book recommendation tab i want to know if it is ok to have amazon page directly in webview i do not have it on my android app it was not approved so i just have an external link but for ios is it ok to have it in webview

Hi, @Mikas_3D! :wave:

By whom? The PlayStore team?


If you are using openLink for android, using it for iOS will be convenient for you to code.

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i think never mind i just do an external link

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Sure, that would be nice for you :smile:

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