[Solved] Is there any issue around adding Invisible Components?

Very impressive response!!! Thank you! 20 to 30 of my sharper CS students will be impressed.


20 - 30? How many students do you have? :joy: Are they spread across a couple of classes or are you teaching a college class?

I have 168 students. It’s 6 Periods of a high school class: AP Computer Science Principles. We are only doing 2 weeks of Thunkable, but they are impressed. We used to use App Inventor, but about 50% have iPhones so they are much more interested in Thunkable for this reason alone. I only said 20-30 because they others won’t “get it” about the expertise involved in a fix like this.

Thanks @ Thunkable Team & @domhnallohanlon for co-operating with us :blush:

I am glad this issue is fixed, coz I am working on a very very important app whose deadline is 29th Feb. 11:59 PM PST :grin:

Thanks! :blush: