[Solved] Is it possible get other cell info based in one cell info?

Here a image from airtable to understand better

My question is: when i put one label to get the information from one cell example: “Essência” he return “#My Beirut”
I can use this cell returned to get another information from the same line? example: Return the “marca” and “sabor 1” (in this specif case will be Zomo and tutti Frutti) ?

You can search the “Essência” column and return the row like so.


All this texts is a button… clone by airtable rows…

What i need to do to in another block the button i click get the text in a label?
I think are impossible clone this
I need get the cloned texts to put here
And the other screen get this name infos to put in the label… because from this text i will get another info´s from the airtable column

To understand better…

When i click in the first button he go another screen and give this:

If i click in the second button give this:

All buttons cloned…

Here’s a quick explainer of my approach to this:


The first thing I do is get 30 out of the 100 names from Airtable, and display them in the ListViewer:


Then when one of the names in the ListViewer is clicked, the index of the clicked items is stored in this rowNumber variable



On Screen2 the rowNumber variable is used to get a row of data from Airtable and once this is done all the labels are populated with the relevant data.

Note that Label3 is just used for debugging.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the help Domhnall

I think the problem here i don’t use list viewer and i cant use because in the real project i put 3 column and one of these have images…

Here is the “final” format… hehe

I just have 2 problems here…
First its change “when any button click” to “buttons cloned click” because will have other buttons in this screens to filter the products…
And second is when i click in the image, name or rating will go other screen to show info´s about this products… so i can get other info´s from this product because i put all infos from it in one row in the airtable…

Here all info´s from this products…

So when i click in the product will show this in other screen:

I don´t know how i get all this informations based in the button click from screen 1…
I think if i get the name on screen 1 and put it on screen 2 i can get all the other informations from airtable based only in the name from the product… but now i have doubts if that would work

I think this hint can be help… in the first image i will put 6 labels invisible to get information from “Sabor 1-6” just because in the text_input when anyone write the sabor he just show all from this sabor
Just to know sabor = flavor
So i can get all information in screen 1 and just put this informations in screen 2 :slight_smile:

All blocks from screen 1 to get all informations… i just need in screen 2 he know what button clicked in screen 1 and get all information about the right product

#1: You just need to account for the extra buttons like so (-1 for the button on top):

#2: Store the index in a variable. As variables can be used across screens, you can reference the index in the other screen like this:

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From your first image block with list -1 i think u are talking about this button:

I copy

Maybe i do anything wrong… just to confirm…

But this blocks don’t work, he still going to screen 2…

Here the solution (renren66 send me this image in pm, thanks!!)

Blocks from screen 2:

The problem is here:

I selected the first:

He return:

The information are wrong…
The first name is #My Passion Fruit with Mint
And above “Sabor(es)” is

My apologies for my lack of knowledge, I really don’t understand very well about these blocks

Just to know, i solve the problem…

To explain better see this image

Have 3 button, when i click in the first button (image), he go to screen2 and give info´s from the first item from the list, when i click in the second button (name from the object) he go to screen 2 and give info´s from the second item and so on
This is the list

So to solve this, i change all this buttons for image and labels and put a cover button inside this 3 and now everything is fine :slight_smile:
Again thanks so much for help me @renren66 =)

The last problem from this case is about the image…
In screen 2 he never show the image… have special conditions to get all images from airtable, so i think i need diferent way to get this in screen 1 and share in the screen 2.

Here are the blocks from screen 1 and 2

Hello @Yukold !

Refer to this -

Thanks! :smile:

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Hey Kartik,
even learning in your topic, here I still have problems, I just can not do … I changed some blocks but then only numbers appeared instead of the correct information, so I went back to using the blocks that @renren66 suggested … I tried to continue and even managed to send the image, but it was never the same as the list, was the wrong image in case.
Why the hell I can not understand this logic :triumph:

When i change app imagecell to app selecteditem he stop show any information.

@Mark can help again please?

@Yukold, one issue that I see is that in your function getimagefromlist, you should be referencing the function’s 'x' parameter (which you can find in the Variables category) rather than the 'app imagecell' variable.


When i change this the app dont show nothing…

Does it work if you remove the 'from Image2 set Picture to ...' block?


No… feel free to try…

i am just trying to put the selected image of screen1 on screen2 …

When i selected the 3 option… he show:

I just need the image appears the right selection…

here are the project

Last Edit:

Hey @Mark

I owe you a thousand apologies, I did it wrong and I believe I missed attention, I was changing things on screen1 and the right thing was on screen 2 … I’m very dumb …

However …

I spent over 6 hours trying to find the solution to this problem (simple and stupid by the way) and now I could find …

Image below how it looked … I don’t know why it worked, but it worked …
I just hate it when things go well and I don’t know why …

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Thanks, worked for me.
Had the same problem/Idea I couldnt solve :slight_smile:

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