[Solved]In mobile it says one thing but In pc it says another thing!

I’m working in a school project, the project is just to create a app that receive info and give it back as a QR code and the QR code is send to the users email.

But there’s a problem, If I try using this app in pc it always will say that there was an error trying to send the email (btw there’s no problem at all the email is send just fine), but in mobile it will actually say that is working fine.


This is the script that I used.

does anyone know how fix it?

If you write the error message yourself then you don’t really know what’s happening with the API. What you should do is set Status Email’s Text to the green [error] block and see what it says.

I did what you said, but it’s having the same problem. In mobile the mensagem say’s that was a success and in pc (even if it worked) in Status Email’s Text will appear that It didn’t.

What is the exact error message you’re getting?

Also, it sounds like it’s working correctly but still giving you an error message. Is that correct?

It’s appearing this mensagem

And yes, the email system is working correctly but is still giving the error message. but only in pc, in mobile the message is appearing correctly.

Some APIs only work on a mobile device. So you need to test this on a mobile device.

Nmv I just fixed, ty.

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