Post Working in PC project, but not in Live Testing on device

This is my Login Web API Post, working fine in PC editing project.

But, when i test in Live Test mobile
The Post dont charge any info, and my variable(from php script) return null because no information has sended. (sorry, my english is not too good)

someone can help me ?

What is the value of the green error block when you call Web_API1’s Post? You can set a label or text input’s text value to error and then post what is displayed here.

Status print: 200
Error print: Undefined

i think my API is working well, but the Thunkable is not sending the post correctly, maybe it’s because of the Content-Type. But, i dont know what to do :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can you make an http call on mobile? (Vs https)

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OMG, do u save me!

i just add a “s” on http… and it worked!
ty very much!