[Solved] I want to cancel my subscription

My son used my card and made a purchase on this site, I want to cancel the purchase / subscription.
I want to cancel my subscription and get my money back.

Do you use Thunkable yourself? If so you might want to keep it.

Otherwise you will need to post your son’s user account name for Thunkable to know who to refund.

Eu não uso o Thunkable.
Please help me.

My son made the purchase on this site to make applications, but he used my card, and I did not authorize it, I need you to cancel the purchase, please.

When did he make the purchase and what was it for?

The account that made the purchase was this one. Caio_Carlos
In the same one I’m using.

What did he purchase and when?

“Thunkable PRO monthly membership”

he bought the PRO subscription, without my authorization.

When did he make the purchase?

He made the purchase a few minutes ago.

@domhnallohanlon can you please help?

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Here are the details of the purchase.

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Thanks @Dean_Artis

Hi @caio_carlos,

Just closing the loop on this as I can see that Christina followed up with your email and processed your refund within about an hour of your post here yesterday.

Just for anyone else reading this post in the future, the best thing to do for any membership related queries is to reach out directly to the billing team (the email is on the invoice you’ve attached)