[Solved] How to make a search bar

Please can i have some help. How do i make a search bar with my own database with data inputed by the user.

Hello and welcome @will_r.06! A tutorial on your question has already been made. Here is the link: Making a Search Bar


Than you very much for your help but how do i automatically transfer data inputted by a customer and display it for another or does this already happen when i copy the article?

What do you mean by display it for another? Do you mean if one user inputs text it shows on another user’s phone? If so, I suggest using Firebase.

yes …i think so i need to look into this

Yes but when I put the API Key into thunkable it says I may have copied it incorrectly

So i see sorry i lost my coding book so i cannot help you sorry!

Did you follow the Thunkable Docs?

Hey those can help

Hi I don’t think I am going to make a search bar anymore but now I have another problem, every time I use the log in in my app it freezes and I can’t see the next slides. There’s an image below.

Everyone has been much more helpful than I have expected, Thank you for everyone’s help :grin: