Add search bar in my project

please help me to add search bar

why have you made two topics on same thing please help

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why you have created 2 topics on same thing @rthiyagu447e14fe?

any one please help me to create search bar in my project…

Hi @rthiyagu447e14fe, welcome to Thunkable!

What do you want the user to be able to search? What sort of data (list, local data source, etc.)? What is the name of that variable? What would be an example of a successful search term and a successful result?


Dear sir,
Thank you so much for your reply…I have added my google sheet as data for my project…my project is Very simple…when user search INVOICE NO they have to get LR no against that invoice number…or just add search bar is enough sir…please help me…

My first step in trying to learn something new in Thunkable is to search for related information.

Have you tried Googling search bar thunkable?


Seems like it was 3 topics actually

@rthiyagu447e14fe - I have merged you 3 topics into this single one, since they are all about the exact same thing. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the #communityguidelines before posting in the future.

As @tatiang suggests, there are quite a few results for “search bar” already in the Community.


you can use the contain text option also if you know how it works

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YES sir…i have googling about on this…actually i am new to this field…
Thank you.

yes sir i have gone through it…it shows search bar for local data source only…but i added data as google sheets…
Thank you.

first time i posted with wrong link of my project…that’s y i have created…gonna delete…