[Solved] How to keep score in a quiz

Do you have 1 screen per question?

yes but i was thinking and maybe i should just use one screen maybe that will work. What do you think

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No. just no. no. that’s too much work and is a real pain and usually limits you to one quiz only ever. first you should see these tutorials

next check out these premade templates cause they wont make sense if you haven’t done the studying. not that you have to, but it’s helpful when you want to modify stuff

Here you go!

This is a premade quiz template I have as open source.

another template you could use. this one includes saving score by username and provides a graph at the end of user progress. its a study tool more than a simple quiz


one last quiz i found in my remixes

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Yes you are right. Thank you so much you guys helped me a lot.


can you mark a solution. I will alter the title to reflect “Solved”